Mobile-First Fantasy Sports Platform for White Labeling

20 Thousand Leagues executed a fantasy sports solution tailored for white-label platforms. The flexible architecture and design enabled it to be adopted by fantasy sports companies or websites that use fantasy sports sections as a way of keeping up engagement and retention. 20kL’s solution, Global Fantasy Sports, was adopted by IRENA World Group (3 million active sports tickets buyers) to pioneer fantasy sports in China.


The solution was executed in 2017, so online fantasy sports were hardly a novelty at the time. A successful platform would have to be engaging, informative, and always up-to-date. And no matter how many users are online and how many matches are played at the moment, the uptime has to be 24/7.

White-labeling a fantasy sports platform is not simple, because there are a lot of regional factors to take into account. Countries have different currencies (with some of them so tangible that the locals stick to dollars/euros), and some sports are almost non-existent outside certain parts of the world. Besides, people simply read the information differently, whether it’s data formats, alphabets, or writing systems.

Fantasy sports fans engage with primary functions of platforms even when they are not watching matches. As a result, the solution must satisfy both desktop and mobile users, no matter what device they are using.

Our fantasy solution had to stand out among the competition. And fit the demands of emerging markets at the same time.

A high number of features brought users and kept them engaged. Flexible architecture made the solution suitable for white-label partnerships.

Our partners from Beijing and Hong Kong brought the fantasy sports mania to Asia. They reached early adopters and kept them.


To get users and keep them, we set up a feature-studded platform from Day 1. Users were able to build their lineups, keep track of future fixtures and ongoing events, challenge friends to custom games, use built-in research and visualization tools to learn more about athletes, and get the latest news from leading sports websites without leaving the platform. For 24/7 uptime and ease of maintenance, GFS automated the news section, live updates, and competition rooms.

Our flexible architecture made GFS work in the West, the Middle East, and Asia just as well. It can be customized by white-label clients with API, and it is possible to wrap the architecture into the design of the client’s choice.

Releasing a desktop website and a mobile client was already standard for fantasy sports, so we went a step further. For users who were either unwilling or not technically savvy enough to install Google Play/App Store applications, we created a mobile interface. Our API also allows third-party integrations; IRENA put our solution into WeChat, the world’s biggest messenger. All ways of using GFS employed a shared architecture.
Building software is a team sport. Without proper coordination, communication and verification; you’ll end up with a sub-par product and a whole bunch of people dissatisfied. This is also why we at 20kL are frank, upfront, transparent and direct with our customers.

Simon Kaastrup-Olsen
Chief Executive Officer


Using 20kL solution from experienced developers and seasoned managers who learned from the Western boom of fantasy sports, our Asian partners quickly entered the local market with a complete solution. OURGAME from Hong Kong adopted GFS as one of the online games offered on their platform.

Tools and framework: JavaScript, CSS, Python, pgpool, PostgreSQL

We want to build the best software we can, we do that by working with our customers by asking lots of questions, visualising every possible bit, transparent coordination and no delayed decisions.

Simon Kaastrup-Olsen
Chief Executive Officer

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